Brad’s Profile

Brad Pellow
Livestock Sales
Livestock & Rural Property Management Advisor

Brad grew up in the Temora district working in the family owned business which involved contract livestock duties and farming. In 1997 Brad and wife Michelle purchased the livestock contracting business which handled 300,000 sheep a year with a staff of 6. This gave Brad a good insight to the management of livestock and how much production can be improved through different management and pasture techniques.

In 2000 the business was sold and Brad started to work at Bobbara as a livestock overseer, running 11,000 merino ewes and 5,000 wethers in a rotational grazing system. Since 2007 Brad has been managing Bobbara Station and was instrumental in the change from merinos to a flock of 8500 self-replacing cross bred ewes, resulting in highly fertile adult ewes producing 140-150% and ewe lambs joining at 9 months of age. 200 F1 Wagyu x Angus were purchased and the herd in 2016 had grown to 650 Angus cows joined to Wagyu bulls and 8800 ewes joined to meat plus and Dorset ram.

Brad has gained a wide range of knowledge & insight over his working career on improving the productivity of farm operations and livestock programs. He has successfully managed a mixed farming enterprise well above the average scale for the region to an exemplary level.

Brad not only has an inherent affiliation with agriculture, he has a passion for it and these attributes he brings into the team at QPL Rural. Brad’s role within QPL Rural will be to assist clients with their livestock operations, suggesting and helping implement management practices to maximise productivity and profit. Brad is skilled in all livestock markets, is accredited for Auctions Plus and is the key agent in QPL Rural for SELX Yass sale yards.