Southern Basin
 18th September 2017
Market Commentary
  • Hot dry conditions across southern NSW and northern Vic on the weekend saw allocation prices firm dramatically. With some rain forecast this week prices should stabilise.
  • NSW irrigators will be waiting on updates to seasonal determinations next Tuesday. Marginal increases are anticipated given low inflows in the last few weeks.
  • The MDBA is seeking nominations for their Community Committee.
  • The recent extreme weather across the cropping regions of the MDB may have further impacted estimated crop yields. Read the ABARE crop report.
  • The Goulburn-Murray IVT remains at negative 37.6GL preventing trade out of Goulburn.
  • Murrumbidgee IVT remains open with 38.2GL able to be traded out of Murrumbidgee.
Water Asset Prices
Allocation Markets (spot price)
          Market $/ML Allocation Direction
Goulburn $115-120 71% Up
Vic Murray 6 $120-125 98% Up
Vic Murray 7 $140-150
98% Up
NSW Murray 10 $120-125 28% & 97% Up
NSW Murray 11 $140-150 28% & 97% Up
Murrumbidgee $140-150 33% & 95% Up
SA Murray $140-150 100% Up

Entitlement Markets (spot price)

Market High General/Low Direction
Goulburn $2650 $350 Steady
Vic Murray (7)
$3300 $360 Steady
NSW Murray (11)
$3700 $1450 Steady
SA Murray $3300 N/A Steady
Murrumbidgee $3700 $1650 Steady