Brad’s Testimonials

“Brad always demonstrated a great knowledge of pasture management, his forward planning of when the cattle would be ready for sale and his prediction of weight gains etc was never far out. He is very open to new ideas and concepts regarding how to improve profitability whether it be farming, sheep production or cattle production. Brad has always ensured the stock were always given the best opportunity to return the highest dollar value.” – Jason Carswell

“Brad demonstrated directly and practically that his proficiency in management was exceptional and it was through Brad’s management that Bobbara Station progressed to a point where it is now seen and known to operate at a benchmark level in the district that other farms, owners and managers, aspire to reach. “This level of achievement doesn’t occur easily and Bobbara now has a reputation that has been earned through the application of a wide range of livestock skills and first class crop and pasture management that Brad has implemented. Andrew commented that Brad was always willing to discuss and consider new ideas that would help to incrementally increase efficiencies, productivity and the returns from the property and would implement agreed changes with enthusiasm and diligence. “Brad has a real eye for detail and regularly identified issues before they eventuated and became significant imposts on the business.” – Andrew Parkes