Temora – The Friendly Town

The Shire of Temora offers all the benefits of country living with a comprehensive range of quality services.

Temora has a huge advantage as it is centrally located between the cities of Sydney and Melbourne, as well as being situated within South West Slopes/Riverina area, making it an ideal base from which to visit the region. It is situated approximately 80 km north of Wagga Wagga in the South West (Riverina) of New South Wales. Canberra is two hours drive to the east, with Griffith a 1.5 hour drive to the west.

With a strong retail trade sector and an active business community, many visitors are surprised at the variety of shopping within the town. The diversity and strength of agriculture is the foundation of the local economy. Temora Shire is strategically positioned in the heart of the State’s rich sheep-wheat belt and is regarded as one of the safest agricultural areas of New South Wales.

Temora – The home of Aviation

Temora’s long history in aviation combined with a great climate for flying, make it a great place for all types of aviation activities.

Temora Aviation Museum

This world class attraction has arguably the finest collection in the world of flying historic aircraft. That’s what makes Temora’s aviation museum so special compared to other destinations, as all the aircraft in its collection remain airworthy and continue to be flown on a regular basis. Established in 1999, it has developed an impressive reputation for its display of military  aircraft with historical significance to Australia. And it’s not just all about the aircraft, as the creators of this museum have also been keen to honour those men and women who have served our country over the years. They have worked to preserve the personal stories behind many of the aircraft, and ensure the memory of those who have risked their lives serving our country in foreign skies is honoured.

Temora has a great array of things to see and do, from the award winning Temora Aviation Museum and Temora Rural Museum to a range of enjoyable events.

Temora Airpark Estate

Temora Airpark Estate offers the highest level of convenience for aviation enthusiasts and their families – offering direct access from home to hangar to the runway, all within a few hundred metres, in a modern estate layout with all the services and facilities required.

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