Market Commentary 27th November 2018
  • The high rainfall events during last week saw a good response to streamflows across all the major catchments. This should be maintained with more rainfall forecast this week. Whether it is sufficient to improve allocations in NSW is another thing.
  • Despite the rainfall, allocation prices have held steady across all systems.
  • The latest MDBA Weekly Report contained a section on River Murray losses showing it is similar to other dry years of 2002/03 and 2015/16..
  • The presentations from the Almond Growers Conference held a few weeks ago are available on their web site. A few water related ones include one from Mark Bailey about the Barmah Choke and another from Gavin McMahon regarding electricity and water costs.
  • Its been 6 years since the Basin Plan was signed into existence.
  • The 1 millionth hazelnut tree has been planted at Narrandera by Agri Australis as reported by the NSW Country Hour.
  • The Goulburn IVT is continuing to open and shut regularly.
  • The Barmah Choke remains open with 63.5GL (up slightly from 63.0GL last week) of allocation able to be traded downstream.
  • Trade into the Murrumbidgee remains closed with the IVT at +2.1GL (up from +1.9GL last week). This needs to reach +15GL before trade into the Murrumbidgee is allowed.
For Sale
System Class Volume Asking
Murray 7 HR 5.3ML $4,500
Murray 7 HR 20.0ML
Murray 7 HR 25.0ML
Goulburn HR 20.0ML $4,100 dry
Murrumbidgee HS 150.0ML $6,200 wet
Billabong Creek (M’Bidgee) Supp 400.0+ML $850
Murray 7 HR 6.0ML
Murray 7 HR 10.6ML
Murray 7 LR 4.8ML
Buy Offers
System Class Volume Offer
Goulburn HR ~2.0ML $3,300 wet
Goulburn HR 100.0ML $3,900 wet
H2OX charges an exchange fee of 0.825% (minimum $750) for entitlement transactions. Buyer pays the relevant water authority fees.
Market $/ML Movement
Goulburn $400 Steady
Murray 6 $420+ Steady
Murray 7 $420+ Steady
NSW Murray 10 $420+ Steady
NSW Murray 11 $420+ Steady
Murrumbidgee $450+ Steady
SA $420+ Steady
H2OX also has several Forward contracts available with delivery this season (Feb/March). Please call lfor pricing and volume.
H2OX listings
System Offer Vol Offer Bid Vol Bid
Goulburn 1A 100.0 $430.00 180.0 $346.00
Vic/NSW/SA Murray 100.0 $430.00 973.0 $405.00
M’Bidgee 973.0 $405.00